IMR Exclusive Offers

Want to have the first choice?

Every business has a story, and so do we.
We are a full service international business for earthmoving machinery, heavy equipment, trucks and cranes.
And from now on, you can acces our exclusive online platform to buy equipment from any IMR local agent. 
With IMR Exclusive Offers you can get access to the following beneficials:
  1.  Equipment on this website is exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else online
  2. We have developed a more efficient way to purchase (and sell) equipment worldwide with our full service delivery, on which you can have exclusive access to. 
  3. The offered equipment is under direct control of our local IMR agents
  4. Worldwide access, our local IMR agents are situated around the world
  5. Full and clear information is received directly from the owner
  6. There's a direct transaction between you and us, no one else is involved
  7.  Inspection can be done by your own people or by local dealers
You can keep your focus on your own project, while we take care of your transaction, so submit now!